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Hello, my name is Kari.

I'm delighted that our paths have crossed. 

Writing an "About the Artist" section for myself ranks pretty high on my Least Favorite Things list. But I suppose an introduction is in order. 


I built Render Skincare in 2016. Now, in 2024, Render Studio is home to all of my creative endeavors. 


I am heavily influenced and inspired by the natural world. I am eternally obsessed with birds, the ocean and with imagining what it might be like to live in a toadstool house on the forest floor.


I am self-taught. All forms of my art come with hundreds of hours of practice, trial, error and progress.

IMG_9639 2_edited.jpg


I am a painter, carver and tattoo artist. I am also a Mom to one human and two dogs.


I have a playful and active imagination that leads me down a variety of artistic paths. Finding a niche or artistic identity seems to escape me, but I enjoy the process of exploration


I used to think it would be impossible to combine my skincare company and my artistic side of life - but here we are! Skincare, tattoos, art! What a fun way to carve out a life!

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