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All the benefits of our magical Tallow Balms in a travel ready container. Our Tallow Sticks can be used just like our other Balms and Whips: all over your body and face. These handy sticks are made with compressed paperboard and work just like a push-up-pop. Simply press on the bottom of the stick to gently move the balm to surface. Balms sticks are extra handy for using as a spot moisturizer – when you just have a small patch to moisturize directly, and are great as a lip balm. 


Blend Options:

Clary Sage + Peppermint - herbal, slightly cooling

Lavender + Frankincense - gentle, soothing

Pure + Unscented - extra safe for the gentlest skin


Size Options:

.3 oz. - Classic chapstick size tube

1.5 oz. - Extra wide chapstick size tube

Tallow Balm Stick

PriceFrom $10.00
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